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Personal Nutritional Counseling
All our nutritional services are available via face-to-face consultations or phone & e-mail for your convenience!

What is Functional Diagnostic Nutrition?

Dr. Scott J. Beres offers customized nutritional programs and services to address your specific needs. In contrast to traditional nutritional programs, our approach is ‘person-centered’, not disease or symptom-centered.

  Coventional nutritional programs and services are “disease-centered”. Meaning that everyone with a certain disease or set of symptoms receives the same ‘one size fits all’ nutritional program.

In truth, a disease, illness or health problem may have one cause in one person and a completely different cause in another, requiring a completely different program of specific nutritional support and lifestyle counseling.

For example, one person may have heart disease caused by chronic stress and abnormal fat and cholesterol levels; this person would require specific nutritional therapy focused on balancing these levels. Another individual may have heart disease caused by chronic inflammation, and requiring a completely different program of nutritional therapy to reduce this inflammatory state. Same disease, same symptoms. Different causes, different needs.

As a certified nutritionist practicing functional diagnostic nutrition, we are trained to analyze your unique nutritional needs (using person-focused surveys, physical exam procedures, diagnostic and laboratory testing) to provide you with a focused plan of nutritional therapy and lifestyle counseling.

Your specific program may include recommendations on whole-food diet, lifestyle changes and specific professional-grade supplementation*.

Do not waste time and money on ineffective, disease-centered nutrition programs or untested, low-quality drug-store supplements. These approaches are out-dated and potentially harmful.

Honor your uniqueness with a program of (patient-centered) functional diagnostic nutrition!


*We use the following companies for our professional grade supplements, vitamins and nutraceuticals:

All recommended supplements are researched and tested for quality assurance, and available only through licensed healthcare professionals.

Important Note: most of our products are available by prescription-only and available only to our current patients, this may not apply to those used for general health and well-being such as fish-oil and whole food multi-vitamins which are available to the general public

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