Structural Repositioning Technique (SRT)

In our office we treat a variety of physical health problems using a specialized technique called SRT.

This technique uses a combination of chiropractic adjustments, traction therapy, rehabilitation and exercise to address your individual needs and to correct the root cause(s) of your physical health problems.

SRT can help you to feel better, move better and have more energy and is proven to quickly and completely correct the underlying cause(s) of your neck pain, back pain, muscle, joint or nerve problems.

Your individual needs and the cause(s) of your physical health problems are determined by a series of non-invasive diagnostic tests. These diagnostic tests may include orthopedic and neurological testing, motion analysis, posture point analysis (PPA) , electromyography and/or thermographic scans .

Once your problem is properly diagnosed, a specific variety of hands-on and instrument-assisted devices may be used during a treatment. Treatments are usually relieving, though minor discomfort or muscle soreness has been reported (which usually lasts for only a short time). This is most often due to the changes in muscle, ligament or joint position, stretching of these structures or the release of deep scar tissue that may accumulate around unhealthy or injured areas. Sometimes, treatments may trigger your inflammatory response, which is your body's healing response. This is essential for proper healing, although it may also result in some temporary soreness.

A program of structual adjustments, traction therapy, postural and/or rehabilitation exercises may then be indicated to restore proper posture, strength and stability. These therapies will assist in fully correcting your problems, helping you to feel better, move better and have more energy for a longer period of time.

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